Great Baddow Parish Council has 13 councillors representing Great Baddow
Parish Council surgeries take place on the Saturday morning before the main Council meetings. These are normally scheduled 10.00 - 11.00am and held at the Parish Hall, in Committee Room 1.
Currently scheduled surgeries:

7th December 2019

11th January 2020
8th February 2020
7th March 2020


Cllr Val Chiswell
Chairman of Council
Chairman of Parish Hall Committee
01245 471531

Cllr Christine Shaw
Vice Chairman of Council
Chairman of Finance & General Purposes Committee
Vice Chairman of Organisation, Methods & Personnel Committee
01245 471633


Parish Council Chairman Mrs Jeanetta Sosin
Cllr Jannetta Sosin

01245 472448

Cllr Keith Liley
Chairman of Highways
Vice Chairman of Grounds Committee

01245 473872

Cllr Diana Ronaldson
Chairman of Planning Committee
Vice Chairman of Parish Hall Committee
01245 471568

Cllr Keith Ronaldson
Vice Chairman of Planning Committee

01245 471568

Cllr Peter Sadowsky

Vice Chairman of Highways & Amenities Committee

01245 474974

Parish Councillor Mrs Veronica Sadowsky
Cllr Veronica Sadowsky
01245 474974

Cllr Andrew Sosin
Vice Chairman of Finance & General Purposes Committee

01245 472448

Cllr Suzanne Young
Chairman of Grounds and Allotments Committees
Chairman of Organisation, Methods and Personnel Committee

01245 477331


Cllr Evie Ball

Cllr Bob Kilvington

Cllr Mandy Mahil
01245 269212


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