Grounds Committee

The Grounds Committee, including Allotments Sub-Committee, meet every three months, usually on a Monday evening, to consider all aspects concerning the Great Baddow Recreation Ground and the allotments at Towerfields and Vicarage Lane

Committee members
Mrs S Young (Chairman)
K Liley (Vice Chairman)
K Ronaldson
Mrs D Ronaldson
A Sosin
Mrs V Sadowsky
2 Vacancies

Grounds Minutes 24th June 2019
Allotments Minutes 24th June 2019
Grounds Minutes 25th March 2019
Allotments Minutes 25th March 2019

Grounds Minutes 18th December 2018
Allotments Minutes 18th December 2018
Grounds Minutes 29th October 2018
Grounds Minutes 24th September 2018
Allotments Minutes 24th September 2018

Grounds Minutes 25th June 2018
Allotments Minutes 25th June 2018
Grounds Minutes 26th March 2018
Allotments Minutes 26th March 2018