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23rd June 2021

Congratulations this is amazing and thank you
John Graham - Essex County FA Long Service Award

14th June 2021
A fantastic testimonial to our Hardworking Grounds Staff

Well Done Michele and Josh P.

Testimonial from Boateng Academy

8th June 2021

25th January 2021

Dear Residents

The Council wishes to thank all those residents who sent their comments regarding the Redrow Consultation to ourselves. The Parish Council has now submitted their comments to Chelmsford City Council Planning and have attached them here for you to read.

Kind regards

Great Baddow Parish Council

Comments submitted to Chelmsford City Council

18th November 2020

Enjoying the park - The following was recently received from a visitor to Great Baddow Recreation Ground:

"Dear Michelle, I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks to the council and staff for the beautiful maintenance of the recreation ground and it’s toddler park.
Before lockdown walking around the park with my new baby provided much needed moments of calm and during lockdown it became a lifeline! I’ve met lots of new friends there and seen many new parents enjoy the park because of its safety and beauty.
The toddler park was built with real thought and care, we enjoy using it on a nearly daily basis!
Thank you again!"

 17th November 2020

At 11:00 on November 11th, Councillor Keith Liley, on behalf of the Parish Council, laid a wreath at St Mary's Church to commemorate Armistice Day

26th September 2020

Cllr Chris Shaw was delighted to receive a set of photographs of the rebuilding of the Community Association and views of Great Baddow and would like to thank the person who left them for her at the Grounds Manager's office PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE IF YOU CAN HELP - 01245 472937

17th August 2020

This year’s summer Play in the Park was another brilliant success.

These free children’s play days, which are paid for by the Parish Council and run by Chelmsford City Council, took place on Wednesday August 5th and 12th.

With the weather being far better than anyone could have imagined, it was wonderful to see the children enjoying themselves so much after such a very peculiar and isolating year so far. As we were not able to compliment these play days with our own later in the summer holidays, we decided to add extra activities to the 4 sessions that we paid for with Chelmsford City Council.

The extra activities included Parkour/Free running, a games arena, a Kids Kingdom inflatable, the Creation Station and a mobile zoo experience with animal workshops. We even, on Wednesday August 5th, had a visit from Chelmsford Deputy Mayor, Linda Mascot, as seen below with some of the children and in the second picture with our own Chair of the Council, Cllr Val Chiswell and our Vice Chair, Cllr Chris Shaw.








6th July 2020
Opening the Playgrounds
We are pleased to announce the reopening of the playgrounds and outdoor gym in Great Baddow Recreation Ground as from Tuesday 7th July 2020. Please note the equipment will be sprayed with sanitizer once a week therefore using the equipment is at your own risk. Anyone using the equipment should observe general hygiene practices of sanitizing hands prior to using the play area and washing or sanitizing them as soon as possible after leaving.Thank you Great Baddow Parish Council

Planning Application 20/00840/SCOPE
Dear Residents
The Parish Council has made the following objection to the Scope Application no. 20/00840/SCOPE Request for an Environmental Impact Assessment scoping opinion for:
up to 205 dwellings (Parcels 3c and 3d); up to 8,500 sq m of commercial use (3b) , and safeguarded land for Sandon Park and Ride.

Great Baddow Parish Council objects to this application and calls for Chelmsford City Council to reject the application and instruct Redrow to withdraw the document and resubmit in line with and limiting it to the land covered by the Local Plan and appropriate number of houses. At present much of the document covers a far greater area than allowed for in the Local Plan, with Sites 1 and 2 extending the area far beyond 3c and referring to a vastly increased number of dwellings.
Details of the implications of assumptions included contain the following:
The housing proposal in the Local Plan for Site 3c, the area beyond Molrams Lane, is for about 150 new homes only.
The adjoining Local Plan site 3a (Manor Farm), which is not a Redrow site, is described in the Plan as being for up to 250 dwellings. However, Redrow’s application claims that pre-application discussions for that site are centred on a scheme for around 300 dwellings.
Redrow’s description of their planned sites proposes around 700-800 dwellings, far in excess of the 150 allowed for in the Local Plan. Taken together with the Manor Farm site (contrasting the Local Plan proposal with Redrow’s claim) this would increase the number of dwellings proposed for the area around Great Baddow from about 400 to 1000-1100 dwellings.

Great Baddow Parish Council Councillors